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Watch out! Winter’s a Comin’!

Good Morning All!

Sounds like another blustery storm will arrive tonight into tomorrow, bringing snow(yay) and MORE rain ( our ground is so saturated it cannot hold more)! Not sure whether to haul my rubber boots out or my heavy pack boots…. Good thing both are easy at hand!

Below is anew spice list for January , Jon has included some rich warming flavors for the month, have you ever tried a tiny pinch of chili powder in your hot chocolate?  Warms you up in more ways than one…. But just a tiny pinch!

Violet is not a fan of the snow, her kinky fur traps it and makes snowballs on her legs , but my big big boys? They say BRING IT ON! They have full fluffy coats with a dense undercoat and with their very long legs, they plow through very easily!

So , below is our January spice list , let us know how we can help fill your pantry… Delivery will be Friday this week, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Grateful for you all in so many ways!

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