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Turkey Talkin'

Good morning All!

Yep, it is that time of year again !!! Our turkeys are on the front lawn and in the high tunnel growing and eatin ! So….. get your name in to reserve your holiday bird! Between now and the end of November they will double (and some will triple) in size. Our reserve list will fill fast so if you are looking for a fresh holiday bird (along with cooking instructions),let me know today!

So this week we will see the end of our fresh corn… and as I have let many of you know that come to markets, as our season progresses the sweet,tender, melt in your mouth corn has begun to toughen up…..still tasty but a definite change in flavor and texture…. Peaches are finished for the season and it has been a glorious one for them too, almost 1200 pounds have passed through my hands this year, a record for sure! The pumpkins will be picked and ready for fall pies, cookies, soups and of course decoration……..

So, please feel free to send me your wish list for this week, we can package for a Wednesday market pick up or delivery, OR Friday delivery too!

I appreciate your support of local foods and excellent small Maine farms, and I know that I say that every week, but for so many of our producers (and myself) you are very important towards our success!

Stay warm and dry!


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