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Good morning all!

So after whining about the lack of rain, Mother Nature sure fixed our problems didn’t she?

We have a TENTRR site on the farm (glamour camping for folks that don’t want to haul gear but do want to enjoy the great outdoors), and for the past 3 weekends, rain, rain, rain! Not much they can do to go outside, and while the tent is large and very comfy, a confined space gets real old after awhile…. And damp too…

The vegetable bounty is in full swing!

This week we add radishes, sugar snap peas, green beans(yay!), bunches of onions, slicing cukes, and grape tomatoes…… the high bush blueberries are full and plump.. this rain does them a very good turn BUT we have to get to get to them before the birdies!I am told the “wild “ Maine blueberries, (the teeny tiny ones that are soooooo extra delicious) will be arriving in the next 10 days. I offer them up by the pint and for winter keeping in the freezer by the 10 pound box. If you are interested in reserving your box(es), please let me know ! I will freeze many myself for winter sales, but they do go fast. And THAT season can be just as brief as strawberry season.

Our turkeys continue on in their rapid weight gain, Our meat chickens thrive too. I will be shipping lambs out in the next few weeks for lamb chops, and ground lamb for all of you that enjoy that tender pasture raised meat. And while I may sound cavalier about my lambs and their eminent demise, please know that ALL of our farm animals are raised in big open moveable pens or pastures, they are never ever fed antibiotics or hormones. They never see the confines of dark barns or small cramped cages. They are never abused or mismanaged, they live healthy happy lives. BUT it is one of the realities of farm life. And honestly even veggies have feelings too.

Please know how much I appreciate your continuing support for our excellent small Maine farms and glorious local foods. It is my pride and privilege to offer up our good for you . I look forward to hearing from you!

And finally to close my missive this week…… I have a very dear friend that offers up personal cooking . If you visit our web page ( we will have a heading for you to click on to peruse her current menu. Please contact Diana if this would be of interest to you, her flavors, colors and lovely cooking skills are truly amazing!

Grateful to do what I do for all of you,


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Good morning all, Seems like the month of July flies by way, way too quickly, here we are already mid month. I hope that you have all been enjoying the great weather (taking a bit of time to put on the rubber boots and splash in the puddles) and lovely state we are so lucky to live in. And how about the rain we have finally received? The field have begun to regenerate and the weeds!!! Oh the weeds !

This week, high bush blueberries have been added to the list , next week should see the beginning of the abundance of zucchini, summer squash, and tomatoes . Local produce is so much tastier and fresher . I have found more shelling peas, sugar snap peas and a very limited amount of asparagus. The rain has reinvigorated the rhubarb and I am in hopes of finding the last of the early strawberries. It is my delight and pleasure to help provide you and your families with fresh local foods delivered to your home or office on Friday, please take a moment from your day to visit one of the many great local farmers’ markets, the Maine Federation of Farmers’ markets offer a full listing of all our markets in the state. Diversity of products and vendors are a true adventure in eating and shopping …….. Stay well, I look forward to hearing from you, and I am grateful for your support of local foods and excellent small Maine farms ! Kath

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Happy summer All,

These 3 day weekends throw me for a loop ! I always enjoy them, but it sets my schedule way, way behind….

Welcome rain this weekend, and while we might ASK Mother Nature to be gentle we can only accept what she sends us, so a deluge of rain filled my ponds, made my ducks and geese deliriously happy, soaked the turkeys and meat birds in their covered pens and made the grass and weeds explode out of the ground !

And ultimately, the rain fully damaged the strawberries and raspberries ( that were looking soooo delicious) and probably wiped those crops out for the season or at least the next week. So those of you that did grab the strawberries while you could, lucky you!

This week we add local white spine pickling cukes, a scrumptious white salad turnip, and small tender head lettuces. Shell peas are pretty much over for the season but I do have the sugar snap peas in a limited amount, so grab ‘em while you can!

Always grateful for my foodie friends and your continued support of our awesome local foods and farms, we appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to hearing from you every week…

Take care and I hope you are able to enjoy this great summer in Maine !


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